Spiritual Baths


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    Ritual bathing is a major part of many magical traditions, including but not limited to witchcraft. Many religions have some form of ablutions or magical bathing—the Islamic wudu and gusl, the sacred Hindu dip in the Ganges, and the Christian baptism are all examples of traditional religions employing ritual baths.

    Manifestation Bath for Money. All you’ll need is a bag of our Money bath and three fistfuls of coins. The coins can be of any variety—all shapes and sizes, denominations and currencies are appropriate. Be sure to disinfect the coins with alcohol before performing the bath. Add the items to your bath, climb in and relax as you envision yourself financially free.

    Looking for a new relationship? Want to deepen the bond with your current partner? Love & Attraction Bath Salts are the perfect solution for forming new romances or intensifying the intimacy of your current relationship while bringing self love.